The tactical/CHOBHAM

Mjolnir/Tactical refers to a group of accessories for use in conjunction with Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor. The variant includes various chest, wrist, and utility pieces compatible with Mjolnir Mark V.[1]

Chest[edit | edit source]

Tactical/LRP[edit | edit source]

Price: 1,000 cR

Description: If you are going to be out there for a long time, you might as well take everything.

Tactical/Recon[edit | edit source]

Price: 1,500 cR, Warrant Officer

Description: Everything you need to find everything you need to find out.

Tactical/Patrol[edit | edit source]

Price: 4,000 cR, Major

Description: Don't take anything you don't need, you're going to want to stay light on your feet.

The Patrol chest piece is very similar to the default body. It's main equipment seems to be not much more than a rough cloth that is held on with a few straps and a long rail, that may double as a communication mic.

Wrist[edit | edit source]


Tactical/TACPAD[edit | edit source]

Price: 50,000 cR, Major

Description: Dock for the MC5 Individual Data/Net Terminal

Tactical/UGPS[edit | edit source]


Price: 80,000 cR, Lt. Colonel[2] The UGPS is a piece of United Nations Space Command equipment. It is a tactical universal GPS system used for locating and displaying locations and objectives. It might be related to a small hand-held computer, or "Data Pad."

Utility[edit | edit source]

Tactical/Hard Case

Tactical/Hard Case[edit | edit source]

Price: 40,000 cR, Captain

Description: For those things you don't want to lose or break.

Tactical/Soft Case[edit | edit source]

Tactical/Soft Case

Price: 100,000 cR Colonel

Description: For all the stuff you can't fit anywhere else.

Tactical/Trauma Kit[edit | edit source]

Tactical/Trauma Kit

Price: 60,000 cR, Lt. Colonel

Description: REMEMBER: This is YOURS, for when YOU get hit.

Tactical/CHOBHAM[edit | edit source]

Price: 30,000 cR, Captain

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