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The variant's main components.

The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/[W], also known as the UA Multi-Threat variant is a sub-model of the Mark V Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor's [B] variant.[1]


While the Mark V Mjolnir armor is designed to operate in a wide variety of combat situations, the UA/Multi-Threat configuration provides SPARTANs with additional offensive and defensive capabilities across all combat scenarios. The chestpiece's lightweight design allows for maximum freedom of movement while the standard Mjolnir defense systems augment the superhuman prowess for which the SPARTANs are known.[1] This one piece of armor is only available with pre-order from GameStop.


The FJ/PARA shoulder pauldron in the Halo: Reach Beta. In the final game, it is the UA/Multi Threat shoulder.


  • In North America, only customers who pre-ordered Halo: Reach from GameStop or EB Games were able to receive this armor piece.[2] Those living in the United Kingdom could receive the UA/Multi-Threat armor by pre-ordering a copy of Halo: Reach from either GAME[3] or Gamestation.[4] In Australia, players who pre-ordered from EB Games received the armor on release, replacing the previous Recon offer. Players who pre-ordered before the Recon deal expired, however, received both.[5]
  • The harness of this chest piece was originally part of the Mark V Scout variant in the Halo: Reach Beta, which previously did not feature the grenade belt.
  • The UA/Multi-Threat shoulder pads are also available to buy in Halo: Reach Armory, but they were called FJ/PARA in the Halo: Reach Beta.