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Molly Patel was a human civilian from Paris IV.



Molly grew up on Paris IV. Molly and her family grew up outside the city of Mimir. At seven years old, Molly was thrust into the middle of the Siege of Paris IV of 2549. Early in the battle, her mother Brigid, her father Gotam, and her didn't evacuate immediately. Instead they were frantically trying to figure out where Molly's sister, Grace was. Eventually they gave up calling and drove to the house Grace was staying at, only to find no one. From there they began the trip to the nearest spaceport. During the ensuing chaos, the bridge to the spaceport was destroyed forcing them all to race to Cochineal Pass. While barely escaping the Covenant Empire's glassing, the family got into a car crash. She lost her father and her mother in the crash. She was later rescued by Sergeant Avery Johnson.[1]


Following the fall of Paris IV, a pair of researchers, Yong Lee and Asha Moyamba, adopted her. By the time of the Battle of Earth, the three were living in the territory of Wisconsin in the United Republic of North America. Sometime between the end of the battle and 2554, Molly and her "Newparents" moved to the platform-city of Aranuka. She would be one of the first students to attend all four years of the Admiral Harper High School. Once she graduated high school, she planned on joining the UNSC.[2] Despite her plans, her Newparents were transferred to Onyx in September 2558.[3]


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