Mombasa Suite is a suite of songs included in the Halo 2: Original Soundtrack. It includes Metropole, Broken Gates, and Encounter.

Part of it is remade in Halo 3's Out of Shadow.

Metropole plays during the Outskirts intro cutscene. Parts of it are similar to The Last Spartan. The first third of Broken Gates plays in Outskirts when the Hunters break through the courtyard gate, hence the name. The second part is played during the infamous Jackal Sniper alley, and the third part is heard in the highway tunnel with the Shadows at the end of the mission. Here, the intro of Blow Me Away is used as a segue into the song. The first part is also played near the beginning of Gravemind. Encounter is similar to Ghosts of Reach, but focuses more on the percussion. The last part of the song is played during the cutscene between Outskirts and Metropolis.


  • At 0:59, you can hear a harp play in the background.

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