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The Moncton-class orbital weapon platform was a class of Orbital Defense Platform in service with the UNSC.[1]

Class History[]

Moncton-class platforms were in use by the UNSC by 2517, with at least one in place over Reach.[3]

Human-Covenant war[]

Moncton-class platforms were used and placed around multiple worlds over the war. By the 2530s, at least two platforms were in place over the colony of Camber. One of which was destroyed by the Covenant in the Battle of Camber.[4]

Battle of Earth[]

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The Moncton-class platforms around Earth were the first targets in the Covenant's assault. The battlecluster of Cairo Station, Athens Station, and Malta Station held back the Fleet of Sacred Consecration. Once Athens and Malta were destroyed, the Covenant flew down to the surface.[5] Nassau Station would destroy the CCS-class battlecruiser Harbinger of Piety, which carried the Minister of Inquisition.[6]


Eight months after the New Phoenix Incident, Gabriel Thorne and Tedra Grant were at Oaxaca Station.[7]

During The Reclamation, Guardians from the Created would disable several Moncton-class platforms.[8]



Diagram of Cairo Station.

Armament & Defense[]

Moncton-class platforms carried the following armament:

  • 1 Mark V Super MAC - 14D4A1[1][2]
  • 7 M606 Goalkeeper Point Defense Guns[1]


Internally, the stations are remarkably spacious and comfortable, complete with high ceilings, atriums, observatories, and a monorail system to move personnel and equipment. In addition to numerous small craft bays, there are two docking stations for UNSC Warships, large enough to station frigates, such as the UNSC In Amber Clad. The design incorporates many features to guard against potential hostile boarding action, such as a large garrison of marines and armories situated throughout the station.[5]

Each station appears to have "habitats." These areas appear to be purely cosmetic and for the enjoyment of the staff and personnel on the platforms, featuring vaulted ceilings, numerous plants (likely plants found in the region, planetside, which each station orbits over) observatories, and seating areas.[5]

Internal security stations are likely not utilized for actual combat with hostile forces. More than likely, the stations are used more to keep the staff and personnel aboard safe during non-combat situations and ensure the smooth operation of the station.[5]

Stations of the Line[]