The Monitor Glitch is a glitch in Halo 3Halo: Reach, and Halo 4. The glitch allows a player to appear as a monitor, and be able to pick up and fire weapons.


Halo 3Edit

To perform this glitch, you must have at least two players on two different consoles start a game of Forge on Xbox Live with unlimited ammo, and primary weapon Spartan Lasers. Find out who is host. The host cannot be the party leader. The person who will become glitched must be the party leader, but NOT connection host. The party leader should then go into monitor mode and then go above the connection host. The host should look up and aim at the monitor with their Spartan Laser, and the party leader should select the host's gamertag on the scoreboard and select the boot player option and continue to the screen where the yes/no option appears. Once the boot player screen is up, have the host fire the Spartan Laser at the monitor. For the next part, the timing has to be perfect, or else it won't work. The second the laser fires, kick the host. You'll know if it worked if you hear the monitor explode, and then the sound of a Spartan's shields dropping. If you kicked the host too early, you will still be alive. If you kick the host too late, you will die. You will know if it worked if you have the shields of a monitor, yet can see the score, instead of the forge budget, and on your radar, you have the blip of a monitor. You will also have no crosshairs. At this point, you are neither a human or monitor. You can press up to go into actual monitor mode and spawn things, and then go back to the glitched mode. The connection host cannot see you in the glitched mode, and if you have a weapon, all the host sees is a floating weapon. The only things that reset this glitch are getting killed and possibly the host leaving. You have the movement controls of a monitor, but you can fire weapons.

Halo: ReachEdit

The glitch can also be performed in Halo: Reach.

To do this glitch, start a Forge game with at least two people over Xbox LIVE. Go into monitor mode and you should notice that for a split second you have a weapon crosshair inside the Forge crosshair. You should also see a Focus Rifle appear in the top right corner for a split second. This glitch will allow you to fire that Focus Rifle. As soon as you go into monitor mode, press the right trigger. You should hear and see a Focus Rifle shoot for a second. This shot can and will damage players if aimed at them, and, if it kills a player, the message, "Killed by the Guardians" will appear.

Halo 4Edit

This glitch can be performed without multiple players. To do this glitch, start a Forge game on any map, such as Ragnarok. Go into Monitor mode, and go as high into the air as you can. Switch into player mode. Now, this step is very important, and if done incorrectly, will result in death. You must switch to Monitor mode as soon as you hit the ground. Any later, and you will die. Any earlier, and the glitch will be incorrect. If done correctly, you will respawn as a Monitor, but still be in player mode. You can pick up weapons and use them as any regular player, though controls will be intermixed between Player and Monitor. You can melee, but you won't be able to melee other players, and if you try, you'll simply fly upwards. If you pick up a weapon, other players will see you as a Monitor carrying a weapon, but you'll see two white Spartan gauntlets carrying said weapon, as if you're in player mode. You can pick up any weapon, including detached Turrets. If you pick up a detached Turret, you will go into third person mode as a floating Monitor wielding the Turret. Wielding and firing a Spartan Laser will make it seem that you're imitating 343 Guilty Spark, who fires his laser in Halo 3.


  • When you pick up a weapon, the only things you see are the weapon and black hands.
  • In Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, other players cannot see your weapon, unless you switch your weapons back and forth. In Halo 4, however, other players can see your weapon.
  • You cannot use melee weapons (Gravity Hammer, Energy Sword, etc.). You also cannot melee or throw grenades.


  • Performing this glitch with a Sentinel Beam (or Focus Rifle if playing Halo: Reach) will make the monitor look like 343 Guilty Spark, who fires his laser throughout campaign.
  • When the player attempts to perform this glitch on the Gravity Hammer, switching weapons and switching back will make other players see a mini-hammer going through the monitor.
  • Sometimes, if you fire your weapon, players may see projectiles coming from random places on the map.
  • You cannot use this glitch on mounted turrets, but if they are dismounted, you can pick them up and shoot them.


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