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Monopoly Halo Collector's Edition

The game box art.

The Monopoly: Halo Collector's Edition is a Halo themed variant of the board game Monopoly. The game is manufactured by USAopoly, Inc.


The game uses the same type of pieces as any modern day version of Monopoly, but then in Halo style. Players can choose from 343 Guilty Spark, Master Chief's helmet, energy sword, Ghost, Warthog and the Arbiter's helmet.

Basic Gameplay[]

The game revolves like normal Monopoly around players buying things to get toll when another player ends up on the same location. Unlike normal Monopoly with streets to be bought, this game features Human colonies, Covenant and Human ships, and others. The board features a jail and free parking much like other versions of Monopoly and the train stations have been replaced with vehicles, the Scorpion, Wraith, Pelican and Phantom.

Players use Credits to pay for things, and get 200 credits when they pass start.

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