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“Most of our lives are one big frickin' mystery. Just gotta take it in stride.”
— Moreland, moments before his death.

Captain Moreland[1] was a member of the Office of Naval Intelligence in 2552.[2]


During Operation: BLOWBACK, Moreland captained the ONI-commissioned prospecting vessel UNSC Long Time Coming with an unnamed female co-pilot. Hidden aboard the ship was SPARTAN Team Black, whose mission was to board and destroy any Covenant ships the Long Time Coming encountered. The crew were disguised as civilian prospectors to deceive the Covenant.

When the operation was about to commence and the ship was preparing for a Slipspace jump to Sub-Sector 35, the ship received a transmission of unknown origin, with a "Pi-constant baseline." The transmission contained a repeated binary message, which displayed various astronomical objects and their properties. The co-pilot suggested it to be a radio echo of an educational broadcast from a nearby system. Moreland asked the ship's AI Iona if the transmission was directed to them in particular, and if it had any relevance to the operation. Iona was uncertain, and asked for more time to analyze the message, but Moreland told her to ignore it and execute the jump. Moreland's predictions were soon proven wrong, however. When the ship jumped, Iona realized the message to be a warning of an astrogation hazard on the ship's intended jump path. The warning came too late, and Moreland, along with the rest of the crew, was killed when the ship was hit by energy bombardment from Line Installation 1-4 and crashed on an uncharted moon,[2] however the Spartans managed to make it out alive.



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