... a hacker with a heart of... lettuce...
Maya Sankar, describing Mshak.[2]

Mshak Moradi[1] is a conspiracy theorist[3] and a skilled hacker.[4]


After the Human-Covenant war, Mshak Moradi had heard that Benjamin Giraud had began compiling a summary of John-117's past. Since he didn't trust the sources that Giraud was receiving from ONI, he started sending Giraud voice messages every day for about two months. Ben listened to each of Moradi's messages, but he never responded. In one of Moradi's messages he stated that just because a planet is glassed doesn't mean that all the records from it are nonfactual. The message eventually helped Benjamin realize that not everything given to him by the government will give him factual stories about the Master Chief.[3]

Moradi eventually put Ben into contact with Anthony Petrosky, who saw a young Master Chief defeat four ODSTs in a fight.[5]

Soon Mshak finally got a call from Benjamin and got to tell him about his conspiracies involving the Master Chief going AWOL. Moradi also talked about how some changes in space and data corruptions were beginning to make him fear for his life. Sadly, their talk was cut short since Ben received a message from ONI.[6]

Eventually, he discovered that FERO was actually an undercover ONI agent named Maya Sankar, and intended to visit Giraud to warn him in person, where Sankar couldn't interfere. However, Sankar got to him first. While she had intended to kill him, he got so terrified he ended up running into a wall, knocking himself out. This caused Sankar to pity him, and she opted to leave him at a safe house of hers, cutting out communications so he couldn't escape. She reported him as dead to ONI.[2]

Later, when Sankar narrowly escaped death at the hands of an ONI bombing run, she lost faith in the organisation and sought out solace at the same safehouse she'd hidden Mshak at. She returned Mshak's comm pad, requesting that he find out about the anomalies occurring inside human-controlled space. Before he was able to find out anything significant, though, ONI discovered their location, and they had to evacuate. The group boarded a ship in an attempt to escape, but were boarded by a party of Kig-Yar pirates mid-escape.[2]



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