Multi-Bomb Assault is normally found in the 8 versus 8 Big Team Battle playlists. You generally will play either Coagulation or Waterworks. In Multi-Bomb both teams possess a bomb and both must try to score to see who can reach three scores first. If this does not happen the winner is determined by the team with the most bomb scores. In order to be successful in Multi-Bomb play a team must be coordinated enough to organize an effective offense as well as have teammates who are willing to hang back and play defense. Multi-Bomb Assault consists of one round of 12 minutes. Originally the game could be prolonged indefinitely if the other team decided to hold the bomb and hide forcing the count down timer for the game to hold at 5 seconds. This tactic however has been nullified due to the removal of sudden death from all forms of assault by the April auto-update.

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