Museum[1] is a live-action TV trailer that was part of the Believe advertisement campaign for Halo 3. It was the first video released in the Believe campaign, beginning the only authorized real world Halo 3 live action film series to date other than the Halo Shorts and We Are ODST.

It takes place in the Museum of Humanity and portrays an interview with a retired UNSC soldier who fought in the Battle of Earth. The soldier in question is Major Pawel Czernek, who served from 2551 to 2581. In the trailer, an unknown voice questions the retired soldier while he views a miniature representation of a battle between UNSC and Covenant forces. This representation turns out to be the Diorama, and was later available for fans to take a closer look at on

The text "Next Halo 3 Video Premiere: 9/14/07 9 A.M. PT" appears at the end of the video.[2]


Note: The dialogue in this video is not seen - it is heard as a voiceover while Czernek (and the camera) looks at the diorama.

(cut to a dimly lit museum room. An elderly man walks towards a glass case in the center of the room. These words appear onscreen:)

Maj. Pawel Czernek; UNSC (ret.)
active duty: 2551-2581
loc: Museum of Humanity

Interviewer: Can you tell us what you remember about the battle?

Czernek: We'd been fighting for a while. On the seventh day, we ran out of ammo. We had to scavenge all we could from the weapons that had been left behind. The pistols, shotgun rounds, a handful of grenades...

Interviewer: Do you remember where you were?

Czernek: When John-117 armed his grenade, I was in the back of an overturned Warthog, firing an M41.

Interviewer: How did you manage to keep it together?

Czernek: We knew Master Chief was still in the fight. He gave us hope.

(Czernek sees the figure in the diorama representing himself, and is silent in thought. Fade to black. Tagline "BELIEVE" fades in)

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