Myras Tyla is a human musician and a relatively famous styllight player.[1]


Battle of ClevelandEdit

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She was present at the Battle of Cleveland with a hotel concierge named Ruwan. Tyla acted surprisingly aggressively and bravely, trying to find weapons to fight the invading Covenant. Along with many others in the city, she and Ruwan were captured in an attempt by the Covenant to find the Key of Osanalan.

After escaping imprisonment, she internally considered her own place in the world, worried she had been nothing but "tits and ass." After a period of running she used a scavenged Plasma Pistol to kill an Unggoy. She reacted badly to taking a life, but Ruwan was able to placate her and they shared a romantic moment.

After being rescued by UNSC Marines, Ruwan and Tyla informed them about the true nature of the Key of Osanalan and were escorted to an underground base in the old sewers of Cleveland. There they met Sergeant Twyker and devised a plan to "give" the key to the Covenant. Despite Myras' objections, Ruwan volunteered for this mission, one that proved to be suicidal.

After Ruwan's death, Myras Tyla was sent to a UNSC relief camp in Akron, Ohio, were she began to compose a song dedicated to him.


  • Myras Tyla was composing a song called Dead Flowers before the Covenant invaded Earth.[2]


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