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For the Halo 3: ODST level, see NMPD HQ (Level). For the Halo 3: ODST achievement, see NMPD HQ (Achievement).

“Thanks for picking such a tall building. I'm really digging all these stairs.”

NMPD Headquarters is the command-and-control center for the New Mombasa Police Department. It is located at the base of the Vyrant Telecom Tower, in the Tanaga district of New Mombasa, Kenya.[1]


During the Battle of Mombasa, an angered, corrupt ex-cop, Marshall Glick, took control of the lobby with an Assault Rifle and killed several cops. He then took two people, Sadie Endesha and Mike Branley, hostage for a while before a SWAT team arrived and killed him.[2]

Later in the battle, ODSTs Romeo and Buck made their way to the top of the building, avoiding Covenant troops on their way up. After a Pelican carrying their squad mates was shot down, they fought their way through the upper floors to a crane holding a large girder. This led to the NMPD Pelican crash site, on a different building, which was turned into a defensive position by the ODST's using a AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun and Rocket launchers.[1]


The Building is divided into east and west. The East portion features four smaller lobbies. East Lobby 1 was for the Operations Bureau. East Lobby 4 was for the Support Services. The Eastern portion also contains one large, central lobby, which divided East Lobby 2 and East Lobby 3. It was composed of the East Cadogan Wing and the East Uratanke Wing. The building's Eastern wing's top floors had several air pads for NMPD's Pelican Dropships.[1] The 14th floor of the building is Emergency Communications and a Propaganda Broadcasting Station.[2]


The building's Chatter lines are provided by Atlas Communications Corporation.[1]


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