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Petty Officer Naomi-010, born Naomi Sentzke, was the first known SPARTAN super soldier to wear the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Mark VII.


Naomi was born in the village of Alstad on the planet Sansar. Her family was middle-class and consisted of her father, Staffan Sentzke, and her mother, Lena.[1] She was placed in a specialized school where the UNSC team Theta 2 carefully evaluated her to determine if she was fit for the SPARTAN-II program. She was abducted at age six and replaced by a flash-clone that died of a genetic illness eighteen months later.

After the Human-Covenant War, she joined Kilo-Five, assisting in the capture of Jul 'Mdama[2] and the rescue of Evan Phillips.

On Venezia, Naomi was reunited with her father for the first time in over thirty years. She was pulled back for another weapons drop in order to prevent her from becoming too attached. She later returned and captured him. While he was in custody, she and Serin Osman revealed to him the truth about her abduction and the SPARTAN-II Program as a whole.

His father accepted to don't attack more the UNSC while Naomi was safe, and after parting ways and escaping, he gave her a planetary lamp, a present he was to give her as she was stolen.[3]


Like most Spartans, Naomi is calm in most situations and knows how to keep her cool. She is not as rigid as many of the other Spartans are when it comes to active duty, perhaps because she has adapted to a non-Spartan crew. Naomi has had to make quite an effort to fit in, both because she was placed in a unit with non-Spartan personnel and because she is naturally quiet.


  • Naomi is the only known Spartan that has worn the MJOLNIR Mark VII in combat.
  • Naomi is the only known Spartan other than John-117 to interface with an AI through the crystalline neural networks embedded in her neck and armor.
  • Naomi's armor is mentioned to be a Steel Blue, but the cover of Thursday War depicts what appears to be dark purple armor.
  • Naomi is fascinated by astronomy.[4]
  • Naomi's first memory to resurface after she had been a SPARTAN was her wanting to have a doll house.[5]
  • As a 6-year old, Naomi showed incredible ability to measure angles and sizes.[6]
  • She is the only known Spartan to have a ship named after her.
  • Naomi is also known by the moniker "the Valkyrie", according to Mike Spenser.[7]