Nathan Walpole (aka Bentllama) is one of the Canadian animators that Bungie imported to bring down their labor costs. A self described motion zealot Nathan grew up outside London, Ontario, Canada playing any game and watching any animation he could find. He entered Sheridan College's Classical [2D] Animation program right after graduating high school then continued his education at Sheridan with their Computer Animation program, grading in 1999.

After a working on a few titles he eventually came to work at Bungie studios, working on Halo 2. After his dismissal he started teaching at the Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont as a Game Art and Animation professor.[1]


  • Aaron Walpole, Nathan's brother, a 2001 graduate of Sheridan Institute's Music Theater-Performance program, triumphed over hundreds of talented singers from across Canada to reach the final five in Canadian Idol.
  • Walpole had an ODST named after him, featured in the Halo 2 short, Another Day at the Beach.
  • He has apparently left Bungie Studios.[2]




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