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Were you looking for the Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher, also known as the Needler, or the Type-31 Rifle, also known as the Needle Rifle?

The Needle Pistol is a Covenant sidearm used by Sangheili.


The Needle Pistol is relatively small, allowing a Sangheili to operate it one-handed. Like its larger cousin, the pistol's projectiles are capable of producing a super-combine explosion if enough of them impact in unshielded organic matter. The needles are individually more powerful than those fired by the Needler, though this is somewhat offset by being limited to a semiautomatic fire mode. It has been seen to strip a Shipmaster's shields in a few shots, and it is possible that its needles can cause a super-combine in six shots when embedded in non-organic armor, like the Needler variant used in Halo 4.[1]


The Needle Pistol has seen use exclusively in the hands of Sangheili Separatists, specifically Voro Nar 'Mantakree. It saw deployment during the opening hours of the Great Schism and during the Battle of Onyx, and it appears to have been a sidearm for Covenant leaders, with more power than a common Plasma Pistol.



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