Neil Davidge, (Bristol, 1962), is a record producer, songwriter, film score composer, musician and occasional backing vocalist. On April 11, 2012, Davidge was revealed to be the new composer for the soundtrack of Halo 4.


1997–1999 Massive Attack Mezzanine Virgin 10
1999 Sunna One Minute Science Virgin / Melankolic
2000–2003 Massive Attack 100th Window Virgin 10
2004 Massive Attack Danny the Dog / Unleashed Virgin / EMI
2005 Davidge/Del Naja Bullet Boy Score  
2006–2007 Massive Attack Collected Virgin / EMI
2006–2007 Massive Attack Live with me Virgin / EMI
2007 Massive Attack False Flags / United Snakes Virgin / EMI
2007 Davidge/Del Naja In Prison my whole life score  
2007 Davidge/Del Naja Trouble the water score  
2007 Davidge/Del Naja Battle in Seattle  
2008 Davidge/Del Naja The Hulk Marvel Studios
2008–2010 Massive Attack Heligoland Virgin / EMI
2009 Neil Davidge Push Movie score Warner Bros.
2011–2012 Neil Davidge Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Microsoft Studios / 343 Industries
2012–2013 Neil Davidge Debut Solo Album 7 Hz Productions
1996 Massive Attack Hunter Batman Soundtrack / Atlantic
1996 Massive Attack Fake The Aroma Help / Go Disc
1996 Massive Attack Euro 96 / Euro zero zero  
1996 Massive Attack Wire Welcome To Sarajevo
1996 Massive Attack Hymn of the Big Wheel The Fan
1997 Massive Attack Metal and Dissolved Girl The Jackal
1998 Unkle featuring Thom Yorke Rabbit In Your Headlights Unkle Project / Mo Wax
1998 Manic Street Preachers If You Tolerate This Epic
1998 Massive Attack Angel Adidas
1998 Massive Attack Inertia Creeps Levi's
1998 Liz Fraser Sailing On A Winters Guest
1999 Prodigy featuring 3D No Souvenirs XL
1999 Massive Attack Angel End Of Days
1999 Massive Attack Dissolved Girl The Matrix
2000 Primal Scream Exterminator XL
2000 Massive Attack Angel Snatch
2000 Massive Attack Angel Armani
2000 Sunna Powerstruggle Hollow Man
2001 Mos Def I against I Blade 2
2001 David Bowie Nature Boy Moulin Rouge
2001 Perfect Circle 3 Libras (Massive Attack Remix)  
2001 Lupine Howl Vaporizor (Massive Attack Remix) Beggars Banquet
2001 Dandy Warhols Demos Capitol
2004 Unkle Invasion Global underground
2006 Unkle Twilight Global underground
2007 Snoop Dogg What up man In Prison my whole life


Halo 4 Composing Worlds ViDoc

Halo 4 Composing Worlds ViDoc

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