Neutral Bomb is a Multiplayer gametype for Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo: Reach.[1]

Neutral AssaultEdit

Neutral Assault is an Assault variant with one bomb. Two teams have to battle over it and attempt to arm it in their opponent's base. This makes gameplay more difficult for both teams since the possession of the bomb may change multiple times during the game in an unpredictable rate. The bomb also has a waypoint over it when not in possession by a team.

Neutral Assault is usually played on larger maps in the Big Team Battle playlists.

Neutral Bomb FastEdit

Neutral Bomb Fast is the smaller scale version of Neutral Assault. This game type is exactly the same except for the decreased arming time and map selection. Maps which incorporate this game type are Beaver Creek (level), Foundation (Level), and Warlock (Level).


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