The New Alexandria Concourse was an area in New Alexandria, Reach.[1]


During the Fall of Reach, many Covenant forces began assaulting UNSC units and civilians that were on the Concourse. Noble Six entered the city near the tram station, en route to linking up with the UNSC forces. The SPARTAN navigated their way to the Traxus Tower, assisting with the Evacuation of New Alexandria.[1]



The concourse is connected with various pathways that lead to different sections. Each area is identified in a color. Each sub-area is identified in its own color. The area is adorned with a either a small version of the New Alexandria logo in its specific color or a large rectangle version of the logo with a number. There also appears to be a series of numbers on the signs which indicate the sub-areas.[1]

  • Area 0: Green
    • Boardwalk (10NW 7413): This area features the Skyway Cafe and various observation areas.[1]
  • Area 1: Orange
    • Civic Center (05NE 219): This area features a large plaza area, acting like a hub for multiple paths.[1]
    • Housing (02NE 779): This is an office building.[1]
  • Area 2: Blue
    • Food Center (15N 895): This area features several World Cuisines in the outside points.[1]
  • Area 3: Red
    • Traxus Tower Atrium: This is the main entrance to the entire Traxus area including access to the tower itself, the Cargo Port below, and all the lower levels.[1]
  • Area 4: Pink
    • This area appears to cover the lower lobby of the Atrium leading to the Cargo Port.[1]
  • Area 5: Teal
    • Corporate Park (05N 447): This area comprises the Traxus Tower and the Cargo Port.[1]


  • The multiplayer level Boardwalk takes place in this concourse.[2]
  • The beginning of the campaign level Exodus takes place in the New Alexandria Concourse.




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