New Carthage was a UEG-controlled Inner Colony.[1]


The planet was founded during the Domus Diaspora.[1]

Despite its size and doubtlessly considerable contributions to the war effort, New Carthage survived the Human-Covenant war unscathed.[citation needed]


In 2554, a UNSC corvette UNSC Sagan Blue intercepted two Kig-Yar pirate DAS-class storm cutters over New Carthage.[2]

At some point in either 2557 or 2558, one of the energy reactors for the city of Pilvros became highly unstable, forcing the entire city to be evacuated.[3]


Many large corporations made their headquarters on the planet, aiding Earth's post-war economic recovery. These corporations served as economic powerhouses leading to flourishing growth rates.[4]

Corporations on PlanetEdit

Some corporations have decided to call New Carthage home either through building office buildings or industrial complexes. These are the known ones:



Not much is known about the defensive capabilities of New Carthage. It is known however, that there are Orbital Defense Platforms, defending the planet.[5][6]



New Carthage is known to have extreme racing courses and competitions. They include deadly wildlife, rugged terrain, and weaponry. One such competition is known as the New Carthage Sprint Series.[7]

Physical AspectsEdit


It soon became a thriving colony, with a large civilian population. The planet was home to many large cities, including the metropolis of Pilvros and the industrial center of Kotka.

Ground LocationsEdit

Known ResidentsEdit

Born OnEdit

These were the people who were born on New Carthage.


  • Despite its North African namesake, it is likely that the original colonists of New Carthage were of Finnish descent, as several locations on the planet bear Finnish names.
  • Hannibal Weapon Systems has its home on New Carthage, obviously a nod to the most distinguished leader of the original Carthage, General Hannibal.




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