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The city center, during the Battle of Mombasa.

The City Center of New Mombasa was one of the city's four primary sections, the others being Sector A, Sector B, and the Docks.[1]


On October 20, 2552, the High Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier came to rest over the city center.[2] Specifically at the Uplift Nature Reserve.[3] Over the course of the battle, Stephen broadcasted messages from the NMPD Headquarters in the city center.[4]

After several hours of battle, Regret's carrier initiated a Slipspace jump in the city.[1] Immediately after the slipspace event, the city center was occupied by a Jiralhanae-led invasion fleet[5] and was eventually glassed.[6]



The New Mombasa Transit Authority runs at least four MagLev Train stations in the city center. This includes Kikowani Station.[7] The New Mombasa Waterfront Highway wraps around much of the city center.[6]


At the base of the Vyrant Telecom Tower was the NMPD Headquarters.[8]


The skyscrapers and office towers of the city center were tall and sleek. They were mainly composed of glass and metal and ran perpendicular with the angle of the island. Outside Tanaga, the numbered sectors featured much smaller skyscrapers.[7]


The city center was located in the southeastern portion of the Mombasa Island.[note 1]

The Tanaga district, which sat in the middle of the island, housed most of the city's skyscrapers.[8] The tallest of which was Vyrant Telecom Tower. It soared to approximately two kilometers in height.[note 2] Further to the southeast sat several numbered districts.[7] Sector 10, the southeast most point of the island,[7] housed a security zone for the ONI Alpha Site.[9][10]



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  1. In Sadie's Story, multiple areas seen in the ODST campaign are referred to as the city center. This includes Kikowani Station (Audio log 1, Circle 1, Arc 1), ONI Alpha Site and the New Mombasa Data Center (Audio log 8, Circle 3, Arc 2), the NMPD Headquarters (Audio log 24, Circle 8, Arc 3), and the location of the Solemn Penance's resting point: Uplift Nature Reserve (Audio log 3, Circle 1, Arc 3).
  2. Measurable by using pan-cam coordinates: the height cap is at 615 WU, the building extends a bit over that, and 1WU=~3 meters


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