H2A Slipspace

The Solemn Penance about to jump into Slipspace.

Covenant just set off a nuke?!
No. The carrier's going to jump! It's a slipspace rupture!
Veronica Dare in the middle of an ODST drop.[1]

The New Mombasa Slipspace Event[2] was the in-atmosphere activation of the Solemn Penance's slipspace drive over the human city of Mombasa.[3]


On October 20, 2552, a CAS-class assault carrier under the command of the Prophet of Regret came to rest above the Earth city of Mombasa. Outnumbered by UNSC forces, the Prophet activated the slipspace drive of his ship Solemn Penance near the New Mombasa Orbital Elevator. The UNSC In Amber Clad was the closest ship and jumped with it. When the event horizon closed, a massive shockwave enveloped the city.[4]

Nmoe slipspace

The aurora and the Orbital Elevator, following the shockwave.

Following the shockwave, a blue aurora like effect engulfed the city. The city's orbital elevator took the brunt of the blast[5] and remained standing for half an hour.[6]


Sometime after this event, the UNSC reactivated the former NATO Outpost C9.[2] As well, the Orbital Elevator collapsed across the Kenyan savannah.[7]

Numerous UNSC forces were also sent to chase the In Amber Clad. This included the UNSC Coral Sea, UNSC Dusk, UNSC Redoubtable and the UNSC Paris.[8] The In Amber Clad with the Solemn Penance,[9] the Coral Sea,[10] and the Dusk[11] all made it Installation 05.


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