New Mombasa Transit Authority Logo
“Relax! You're right on time.”
— NMTA's tagline as seen on various advertisements.

The New Mombasa Transit Authority is an organization in the city of Mombasa, Africa that monitors transportation.


At some point after the Covenant attacked Mombasa, the NMTA sealed at least emergency doors 99-84 along the Waterfront Highway.[1]


The NMTA is in charge of maintaining the MagLev Train rapid transit network that extends throughout the city.[2][3] The NMTA also has control over the large emergency doors that divide up the Waterfront Highway,[1] and that divide up Section 21.[4]

The NMTA most likely runs the buses that appear throughout the city.


Known StationsEdit


In Sector 0-5, New Mombasa Transit Authority has an office building.[5]


  • Including Kikowani Station, there are four different train stations on Mombasa Streets. However, the three others are located outside of the playable area. At least one can be reached using the District Loading Glitch, though.
  • In the level Terminal, the NMTA can be heard making various announcements at the train station.



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