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The company's logo.

“Taking your packages to new heights.”
— Slogan used by the company.

New Mombasa Uplift was a company in New Mombasa, Earth. It was responsible for managing the city's Space Elevator, the New Mombasa Orbital Elevator. It had also funded a wildlife reserve right beside the city, called Uplift Nature Reserve. The company's headquarters were located in New Mombasa's Sector 9, just beside the Uplift Reserve. From the reserve's public entrance some distance north, visitors would be shuttled to the headquarters building which also served as the entrance to the reserve. Located in front of the building was the New Mombasa Uplift Plaza, which contained a monument to the company.[1][2]


  • The name of the company and its purpose may be a reference to the Halo 2 Vista map Uplift, which has what may be a Forerunner space elevator.


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