New Phoenix was a city in the United Republic of North America.[2]


The city of New Phoenix was incorporated at some point between the 21st and 26th-centuries as a merge of the Arizonan cities Flagstaff and Phoenix.[1] By 2542,[Note 1] the city was the fourth-most populated in North America (behind Chicago, Los Angeles and New York).[1]

New Phoenix was fired upon by the Ur-Didact's ship Mantle's Approach. Although the Ur-Didact was stopped by John-117, the city’s entire population was composed, leaving only ash where its inhabitants last stood.[3]

Eight months after the Didact's attack on New Phoenix, the city's quarantine was lifted, and UEG president Ruth Charet gave a speech about the incident that occurred.[1]


  • In Issue 7 of Halo: Escalation, SPARTAN Thorne mentions that New Phoenix was formed as a merger of the 19th-century cities of Flagstaff and Phoenix. As of 2014, these cities are 144 miles (233 kilometers) distant, allowing New Phoenix's geographic size to be approximated.
  • Despite the size of the city and the fact that it is the fourth-most populous city in the United Republic of North America, in Halo: Escalation it is mentioned that at the time of the New Phoenix Incident the city was home to a mere six million inhabitants. This is curious, seeing as the next most populous city is Chicago, with a population of 54 million.[4]




  1. Thorne was born in 2534, and was in the third-grade when he gave his presentation on New Phoenix. Assuming the URNA 26th-century scholastic grading system works akin to 21st-century America's, Thorne would have been approximately eight years old at the time, putting the year at 2542.


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