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“Henry can have my shore leave”
— Benti's last words.

Corporal Ngoc Benti was a UNSC Navy Corpsman on the Prowler UNSC Red Horse in 2552.


Early life[]

Benti was born on Earth in a "cushy suburban" household. This kept her fairly isolated from the Human-Covenant war.[1]

The Mona Lisa[]

In October 2552, she, along with Sergeant Lopez boarded the UNSC "prison transport" Mona Lisa and discovered it was converted into lab used to experiment on the Flood parasite. She then split off from Lopez with half of the squad to enact the Cole Protocol on the ship's reactor, where she destroyed a Flood Proto-Gravemind. She was then forced to kill one of her members after he was infected and soon found a prisoner named Rimmer and his companion, an Elite he had dubbed Henry. While regrouping with the rest of Lopez's squad, she was wounded by a Flood Combat Form and began showing symptoms of infection. Benti then sacrificed her life to save Lopez and the rest of the squad by pushing herself against Clarence and disappearing into the oncoming Flood horde. As the Flood began to take over, she tried to hold onto a mental image of Sergeant Lopez waving goodbye.[2]


  • The picture of Benti shows that her rank is Corporal, which means she is a Marine, even though corpsmen are part of the Navy. This may have been just a mistake in writing.
  • Benti smoked cigarettes, and developed cravings during times of stress.[3]



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