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This Halo: Reach campaign glitch allows you to take the Falcon of Noble Team in mission The Package. This glitch can only be done during co-op on all difficulties.

Written guideEdit

  1. Follow the instructions from the 4 Banshees on "The Package" guide to acquire the Banshees.
  2. Take the banshee and fly towards Sword Base.
  3. Land in sword Base and create a barricade with the Banshee (not necessary).
  4. Hijack the Falcon from Carter.
  5. Now you can pilot the falcon and have Emile, Jun and Carter with you.
  6. You can continue normally the mission and get 2 of each Spartans. [Notes 1]


  1. The Spartan clones are fatal and after they die, they can rise with a gun).

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