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You know as well as I do that we wind up with some that she would have chosen - not just kids unlucky enough to survive a glassing. Orders are still being followed and those Spartans are in the field, but they are armed as SPARTANs - and they are making a difference.

Noble Team[2] (occasionally stylized as NOBLE Team), sometimes referred to as Team Noble or simply Noble, was a special fireteam sized unit of the UNSC Special Warfare Command Group Three, composed mostly of SPARTAN-III supersoldiers and one SPARTAN-II commando as of 2552.

Noble Team also operated with non-Spartan military personnel more extensively than other Spartan teams. To grant them more operational freedom when interacting with military personnel, the members of Noble Team had been given higher ranks than most Spartans by their CO.[3]

Service History


In 2536, Carter-A259 graduated his training and was deemed too valuable to expend elsewhere and was given command of a fireteam. This fireteam would eventually be transferred to UNICOM and the UNSC Army in order to secure further support for the SPARTAN-III program within UNSC High Command.[4]

Thus the rest of the team were primarily composed of SPARTAN-IIIs pulled out of their main companies by Kurt-051 and Franklin Mendez before large-scale operations where the companies were mostly wiped out, Operation: PROMETHEUS in the case of Alpha Company and Operation: TORPEDO with Beta Company.[1]

Upgrade to MJOLNIR

The team were issued with Mark V Mjolnir Armor on November 24, 2551.


Prior to the Fall of Reach, Noble Team had managed to survive countless battles, always coming back from suicide assignments, but not without a cost: only two members of the original team, Carter and Kat, remained alive by 2552.[5] In 2552, the team was under the command of Colonel Urban Holland of the UNSC Army.[6]

Fall of Reach

When Reach was deemed lost, and there was no hope of saving it, Noble Team ensured that humanity would have a fighting chance against the Covenant and future enemies by delivering a high priority package to Captain Keyes and making sure the Pillar of Autumn escaped intact with it. Three members of the team gave their lives for the mission, leaving only one member of the team still alive as the other two died during the Fall of Reach.


The SPARTAN-IIIs of Noble Team utilized equipment on par with the SPARTAN-IIs, such as the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor, which is far more advanced than the cheaper SPI armor worn by the rest of the SPARTAN-IIIs. Unlike the mainline SPARTAN-IIs, whose armor was fairly uniform in coloration, the members of Noble Team sported a variety of color schemes and field-customized armor variants.


Other Spartans were constantly kept on rotation for the team, including SPARTAN-344, who would take Emile's place in the case of a counterinsurgency operation. When one member fell in the line of duty, a new SPARTAN would be brought in as a replacement.

Person Description Status
Final Composition
Commander Carter-A259 (Noble One) A no-nonsense soldier, Carter served as the leader of Noble Team.[6] Listed MIA. Confirmed KIA in an intentional Pelican crash during the Fall of Reach.[7]
Lieutenant Commander Catherine-B320 (Noble Two) Carter's curious and intrepid second-in-command, Kat served as the intelligence specialist.[6] Listed MIA. Confirmed KIA by a Needle Rifle during the Fall of Reach.[8]
Warrant Officer Jun-A266 (Noble Three) A thoughtful and taciturn soldier, Jun served as the sniper of Noble Team.[6] Jun is confirmed to be alive and helped handpick the very first SPARTAN-IV.[9][10]
Warrant Officer Emile-A239 (Noble Four) A bold and aggressive Spartan, Emile was the assault specialist of the team.[6] Listed MIA. Confirmed KIA by Energy Sword of Sangheili Zealots during the Fall of Reach.[7]
Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052 (Noble Five) The only Spartan-II on the team, Jorge and his "humane" personality served as the team's heavy weapons specialist.[6] Listed MIA. Confirmed KIA during Operation: UPPER CUT.[11]
Lieutenant SPARTAN-B312 (Noble Six) A new addition to the team, this Spartan's background is mostly unknown. They have no specified role, known only as the team's 'Hyper-Lethal Vector'[6] Listed MIA. Confirmed KIA by Sangheili warriors sometime towards the end of the Fall of Reach.[12]
Previous Members
Thom-A293 (Former Noble Six) Former member of Noble Team that wore a variant of the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Mark V(B). Killed destroying a Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser on April 22, 2552 during the Battle of Fumirole and replaced with SPARTAN-B312 immediately prior to the Fall of Reach.[13]
Rosenda-A344 (Noble Four replacement) Emile-A239's replacement if another Insurrectionist operation comes up. Unknown


  • The flag in the Capture the Flag mode in Halo: Reach bears the emblem of Noble Team.
  • Some gameplay footage for HALO 4 at PAX Prime (August 31-September 2, 2012) shown a skin for the DMR that shows the Noble Team logo (shortened as NBL). It can be earned by achieving the Wetwork specialization.
  • The voices of each Noble Team member can be purchased for use in Halo: Reach's Firefight mode.[14]
  • McFarlane Toys created an action figure known as Noble Seven for Comic Con 2010. Although no such member exists, according to McFarlane, they were allowed by Bungie to create the unique action figure.[15]
  • Noble Team was originally supposed to have two more members in Halo: Reach: the "sassy" Rosenda-A344 and the "cowboy-like" Thom-A293.[16] Both were later reduced to background characters, with Thom being a former deceased member and Rosenda serving as a potential replacement for Emile in a counter-insurgency operation.



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