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The Noble map pack is the first map pack released for Halo: Reach. It contains three new multiplayer maps and seven new Achievements worth 250 Gamerscore, and was released on November 30, 2010 for 800 Microsoft Points or $10.00 USD. It is now free.


Preview Name Description
Breakpoint Breakpoint Breakpoint is similar to Glacier, but is much bigger. It supports a wide range of vehicles and infantry play styles. It is set in and around an unknown Forerunner complex on Reach.

It supports Big Team and Invasion gametypes.

Tempest Tempest Tempest has a similar layout to the level Halo from Halo: Combat Evolved. It is possible that this map takes place in the same area as Forge World.

It supports Free For All, Team Slayer, Team Objective, and Big Team Battle.

Halo Reach NobleDLC Anchor9 01 Anchor 9 Anchor 9 is a space station in seen in the level Long Night of Solace, but the map is based on the interior. Anchor 9 supports Free For All, Team Slayer and Team Objective gametypes. It is a compact symmetrical space perfectly suited for fast paced action.


With the release of this map pack comes 7 new achievements, for a total of 250 Gamerscore.

Icon Name Description
Totally Worth It Totally Worth It - 50G Earn a Double Kill from the grave in multiplayer Matchmaking.
Both Barrels Both Barrels - 50G Earn a Double Kill with the shotgun in multiplayer Matchmaking.
Cross-Mappin Cross-Mappin' - 50G Kill a player long range with the DMR in a matchmade Slayer game.
You Ate All the Chips You Ate All the Chips - 42G Collect all of the flags in a matchmade Stockpile game.
You Blew It Up You Blew It Up! - 13G Blow up the research facility in a matchmade Invasion game on Breakpoint.
Poppin and Lockin Poppin' & Lockin' - 25G Destroy a vehicle using Armor Lock in a matchmade game.
Offensive Driver Offensive Driver - 20G Earn a kill in a matchmade Rocket Race game.


  • Customers who pre-ordered the Noble map pack from Game Stop received an exclusive ODST Flaming Helmet DLC code for their Xbox Live Avatar. It should be noted that the description of the helmet was labeled incorrectly as a Mark V helmet. The description of the helmet is as following: The Mark V helmet features a sleek design that served the Spartans well when it became standard issue in 2551. Covenant legends say that Spartans wearing this armor would sometimes burst into terrifying flames on the battlefield, but such accounts were usually blamed on Grunts suffering a bad batch of methane.
  • With the release of this map pack a new "DLC" Playlist, called Noble Map Pack became available in Matchmaking. The Playlist feature 6 vs 6 Slayer and Objective Gametypes including the Breakpoint exclusive Invasion gametype.
  • The Noble map pack was released 77 days after Halo: Reach came out, another 7 reference. (77 / 11 = 7)
  • All the achievements can be unlocked without having the DLC, except for 'You Blew It Up!'.