Noctus was the capital city of Andesia.[1]



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In 2523, a swath of Insurrectionist activity hit the planet. It eventually reached the capital, with some fighting taking place around AMG Transport Dynamics protected facility within the city.[1] Intense fighting took place within the skyscrapers, causing many fires. Pelicans patrolled the cityscape during this time, with one even crashing into AMG's facility.[2]

It is unknown what became of the city after the Covenant attack on the planet. It most likely survived as the UNSC was training SPARTAN-IVs for possible Post-war anti-Insurrectionist assaults into the city.[3]


The city was quite affluent, affording it many skyscrapers.[2] Research into local medical possibilities and ultra-tech industries are the primary industries in Noctus.[4]

The city held the, relatively small, offices for Sinoviet Heavy Machinery and Traxus Heavy Industries. It also contained a large office and manufacturing site for AMG Transport Dynamics.[2]


Noctus was built along the coastline of unidentified body of water. The city stretched for kilometers along the shore, in both directions. A small canal leading from the body of water goes inland slightly.[2]



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