A master-crafted instrument of death and destruction. Mythic Sniper Rifle firing high explosive armor piercing (APHE) rounds that increases overall damage. In addition, Linda's modifications ensure the Motion Tracker is visible even when using Zoom.

Nornfang is a Legendary variant of the SRS 99-S5 Sniper Rifle, originally used by the marksman Linda-058. The rifle was hand-tuned by Linda herself, and manufactured by Misriah Armory for their internal competitive sharpshooting team before it went missing.[1]


As well as a camouflage paint, it features a wolf on its side. This is a reference to Linda-058's reputation as a "lone wolf" among her fellow SPARTAN-IIs.[2]

Changes from the SRS99 S5 AM Sniper RifleEdit

  • When equipped, the player gets a damage boost. This boost allows the player to land one-hit kills to anywhere on the body. However, it makes the player easier to see because of the red outlining.
  • When scoped, the motion sensor is still visible.



Nornfang is available for use in Warzone. It can be acquired by REQ packs and has a Mythic level of rarity.[1]


Nornfang can be found in Blue Team's Prowler during the mission Unconfirmed; however, it does not feature the damage boost nor the ADS motion tracker as it does in Multiplayer.


Concept ArtEdit




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