The Nuclear Bomb Glitch is a glitch of Halo 3's Arm Glitch. It causes extremely powerful explosions to occur, and only works in Forge.

Instructions Edit

Start by performing the Arm Glitch with a Gravity Hammer. One player (Person A) must be in Edit Mode, with the other player (Person B) in Player Mode; both players must attempt to grab a Gravity Hammer at the same time.

At this point, Person A should hold RT and rotate the Gravity Hammer until Person B's arms disappear, at which point B may begin to hover for a moment.[1] Viewing the Film frame-by-frame in Theater reveals what actually happens:[2] first, Person B's character's arms bend and rotate erratically, sometimes passing through their body. Next, the hands expand to huge size. Immediately following that, the surrounding area is engulfed in a massive white light.

At this point, Person A should enter Player Mode, to avoid accidentally deleting the Gravity Hammer.

While all of the above happens, the glitch will inflict massive damage upon any other players in the level; on at least one occasion, it has almost instantly killed a player on the opposite side of the map.[1]

At this point, the glitch has been activated. If the glitched player (Person B) then swings the Gravity Hammer (by pressing RT) right as a grenade is thrown by another player, then Person B will deflect the grenade, while also amplifying its power to such an extent that the explosion briefly engulfs the entire map.[3] The glitch will also cause Person B to be able to run through the air.

Additional phenomena occur when pressing RT. Among other things, Person B can travel through most surfaces; for instance, if they enter the blue room on Snowbound, you can pass right through the glass floor above by pressing RT and then jumping.[4] Finally, if Person B were to abuse the RT button and then switch to their secondary weapon, they would be completely invisible and invincible—others would only see Person B's gamertag or waypoint, and Person B would be invulnerable to nearly everything -- including the turrets on Snowbound and the mines on Sandtrap, but excluding kill barriers and falling to their death.[citation needed]

Trivia Edit

  • Meleeing the glitched player to death will cause the game to lag for the connection host until the glitched body disappears.
  • If the glitched player attempts to swing the Gravity Hammer, their body will move as if it were in fact swinging a hammer.
  • From the glitched player's point of view, they are still holding a Gravity Hammer; however, nobody else can see it.
  • If the glitched player throws a grenade after their arms have been removed, their arms will briefly return while the grenade is thrown.


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