Nuusra was a territory along the western coast[1] of the Sanghelios continent of Qivro.[2]



At some point, a Forerunner Guardian was buried off the coast of Nuusra. A number of support facilities were built into the mountains in Nuusra.[3]

Early Sangheili HistoryEdit

Thousands of years before the Human-Covenant war, the Guardian was found off the coast of Nuusra by Sangheili dive-hunters. This site was deemed sacred by Elders and a series of stone fortresses were built on the coast of Nuusra in order to worship and protect it. Centuries later a new city, Sunaion was built over the site directly.[2]

With this new city, much of these coastal structures fell into disrepair.[4]

Blooding YearsEdit

Main article: Blooding Years

At some point during the Blooding Years, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant took control of Sunaion.[5] The Swords of Sanghelios quickly established an outpost at Nuusra, planning on eventually taking Sunaion.[2]

On October 27, 2558, 'Mdama's Covenant attempted to assassinate Thel 'Vadam who was in Nuusra at the time. With the help of Fireteam Osiris, 'Mdama's Covenant was driven off.[4] That night, the Swords retaliated by striking Sunaion and destroying 'Mdama's Covenant.[6][5]


The upper reaches of Nuusra[1] were a barren mountainous region occasionally perforated with rivers and water falls that lead into the Csurdon Sea. Shrubs, trees, and vines also grow within the region.[4] A number of species were native to this region including the Kryn'Qodon and the Orzil.[1]




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