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== Transcript ==
== Transcript ==
=== Dutch interview ===
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''{Dutch enters the room}''
'''Buck''': Corporal.
'''Dutch''': Need a baseline image? How about a bird?
'''Buck''': That'll work.
'''Buck''': Name and Rank?
'''Dutch''': Corporal Taylor H. Miles, everyone calls me Dutch. Buck, you really need to get in my head for this?
'''Buck''': [[Office of Naval Intelligence]] wants to be thorough.
'''Dutch''': ONI's running this?
'''Buck''': Yes, ONI's running this.
'''Buck''': What led you to the ODST?
'''Dutch''': Honor.
'''Buck''': What experience do you have with close-quarters combat?
'''Dutch''': Experience with close-quarters combat is extensive. You've got detailed accounts on engagements for [[Ariel]], [[Jericho VII|Jericho]] space elevator, and [[Coral]] asteroid belt in my file.
'''Buck''': As an ODST?
'''Dutch''': Yeah, I've succesfully engaged - you know, this should all be in my general file, Buck.
'''Buck''': I need to ask. You just need to answer. So?
'''Dutch''': As an ODST, I've succesfully engaged the enemy under various conditions, before and after orbital drop.
'''Buck''': We're looking at a textbook shipboard mission. An orbital drop to some [[Covenant Empire|Covenant]] [[Regret's Carrier|Cruiser]] over [[New Mombasa]]. Nothing you haven't seen before.
'''Dutch''': Really? Like Tribute? Like Reach?
'''Buck''': Corporal, do you feel you'll be able to operate at maximum effectiveness on this standard orbital drop mission?
'''Dutch''': Yes. One hundred percent, sir.
'''Buck''': Thank you.
'''Buck''': So how's [[Gretchen]]?
'''Dutch''': She's better.
'''Buck''': What do they say?
'''Dutch''': If it was up to her, she'd be coming on this drop - but they say she's done. Maybe something behind a desk, but i don't know.
'''Buck''': Well, I don't see her typing up reports.
'''Dutch''': No. Me neither.
'''Buck''': You were a trucker for a while, right?
'''Dutch''': I try not to think that far back.
'''Buck''': Can you still handle a rig?
'''Dutch''': It's been a while, but I guess I could. You're trying to tell me I'm going to have to drive a truck into that Covenant bird?
'''Buck''': You will get the details of the mission at briefing.
'''Buck''': Now the fifth man on this op is going to be [[The Rookie|a rookie]]. Transfer from the [[26th Marine Expeditionary Force|26th MEF]].
'''Dutch''': [[Battle of New Jerusalem|Cygnus]]? Didn't think there were any survivors.
'''Buck''': Me either.
'''Dutch''': He might be a little shook up. Can't we get someone else? What about [[Bhasin]]?
'''Buck''': Bhasin? You haven't heard. An [[Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle|HEV]] drop over [[Sigma Octanus IV|Sigma]]. Chute panels got compromised during entry burn - he couldn't slow down.
'''Dutch''': Yeah, hell - a rookie - Why not? Why not?
''{Classified clip}''
'''Buck''': We're headed towards [[Earth]].
'''Dutch''': Earth. Okay... Now I know why ONI's involved.
'''Buck''': Last time you were there?
'''Dutch''': A long time ago. Weekend pass. The last thing I did before I applied for ODST.
'''Buck''': Do you understand what's at stake?
'''Dutch''': Hm. This is about more than some Covenant ship, isn't it?
''{Classified clip end}''
'''Buck''': You spent some time at university, right?
'''Dutch''': A little. I was two years in when I got drafted. Pulled shifts on rigs to pay tuition.
'''Buck''': You studied a little philosophy, [[religion]]?
'''Dutch''': Actually, yes. Yeah. Sort of why I went.
'''Buck''': How's that?
'''Dutch''': I don't know - I guess at the time I had a lot of questions.
'''Buck''': You ever get into end of the world stuff?
'''Dutch''': Yeah, sure.
'''Buck''': And?
'''Dutch''': Everybody's got a different take on what's it about. It kinda depends on who you're asking.
'''Buck''': I'm asking you.
'''Dutch''': It's inevitable. Nobody can save the world, Buck.
'''Buck''': Good to see you, Dutch.
''{Dutch leaves the room}''
==Hidden Codes==
There are four hidden codes located throughout the interviews, unlocking a short clip, previously only viewable for personnel with a Class Four clearance.
*'''Dutch''': Found in the live action video ''We Are ODST'' during the drop scene - ''12-485-TA''.
*'''Romeo''': Found on Buck's display during Dutch's interview - ''15-926-PI''.
*'''Mickey''': Found on Buck's display during Romeo's interview - ''47-074-SN''.
*'''Wallpaper''': To receive five screenshots from the ''We Are ODST'' short - ''06-078-TI''.
==Related Links==
==Related Links==

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The ONI Candidate Assessment Program V5.02A is a viral campaign for Halo 3: ODST, based off of the We Are ODST short [1]. It contains video footage of GySgt. Eddie Buck interviewing the future members of his team, Cpl. Taylor Miles, LCpl. Kojo Agu, and PFC. Michael Crespo.


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  1. ONI Candidate Assessment Program V5.02A
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