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Not to be confused with the Hillside Memorial, the UNSC tribute to various UNSC personnel after the end of the war.

The ONI Memorial is a series of memorial plaques dedicated to deceased personnel of the Office of Naval Intelligence, found inside the ONI Alpha Site. It can be seen in the Campaign level ONI Alpha Site and the Firefight Alpha Site.[1]

Left Plaque[]

At the top, it states:

In Honor of those men and women of Naval Intelligence who gave their lives in service of the UNSC in the War against The Covenant.

Below that, it lists the names of many men and women:

  • Ai Abruquah
  • Obi Acheampong
  • Guy Adler
  • Chen Agu
  • Imamu Agyeman
  • Petra Ahtisaari
  • Mathias Amsel
  • Karin Archer
  • Kunto Asamoah
  • Nikolaj Atagana
  • Kwabena Azzopardi
  • Musa Ba
  • Elizabeth Badawi
  • Malik Bakayoko
  • Thomas Bank
  • Fabrice Blanc
  • Gino Bangoura
  • Jacob A. Bech
  • Jason Berg
  • Lucas Beyer
  • Tamara Bjork
  • Nsai Boateng
  • Chacha Bockarie
  • Iosef Boehm
  • Tyson De Boetie
  • Rene Bosch
  • Tulinagwe Botha
  • Eddie Boumsong
  • Howard P. Bourne
  • Hiraku Boutros
  • Toof Brik
  • Mark L. Brown
  • Rogan Buis
  • Owen Burger
  • Jane Butchfield
  • Kevin Campbell
  • Jo Carpenter
  • Martha Cassar
  • Chyou Cheng
  • Greg Cheng
  • Lok Ch'eng
  • Li Hua Ch'ien
  • Karl Chou
  • Etana Conde
  • Marko Coulibaly
  • Verdiana Coulibaly
  • Zemira Yanez
  • Kwame Yankey
  • Virgie Daniel
  • Mozes Dam
  • Phillp D'atio
  • Lamburira Dembo
  • Nnamdi Diabate
  • Ferri Diarra
  • Brittany Dicken
  • Devin D'orange
  • America Ebersbach
  • Otokar Elgabri
  • Janina Faber
  • Sing Falsetto
  • Ekene Farrugia
  • Zachary Fenech
  • Henriette Frandsen
  • Florian Freitag
  • Christian Gaspari
  • Jelani Gauci
  • Aaron G. Gibson
  • Enu Grass
  • Kenzo Hakugi
  • Elias Haverson
  • Eric Hofsos
  • Derek Holmberg
  • Gordon Hung
  • Aston Ivinghoe
  • Topias Johansson
  • Sithembile Jones
  • Simone Jung
  • Njau Kabila
  • Lorraine Kjovogur
  • Mat Kowalski
  • Dorka Laszlo
  • Peng Li
  • Halley Limassol
  • Marisa Limoni
  • Jun Lo
  • Yrjo Luusua
  • Yong Ma
  • Josef Madsen
  • David Mai
  • Fire Maida
  • Bilali Maina
  • Alex Majewski
  • Michael De Marlioz
  • Daphne Mayfield
  • Louise Yokoi
  • Aziz Youssouf
  • Hidaya Mbaye
  • Rachel Micallef
  • Masaya Morita
  • Brian Morden
  • Jason Morelli
  • Emily Nimes
  • Roza Nowicki
  • Jerome G. Ortega
  • Azalee Okello
  • Margaret Parangosky
  • Kurt Pasek
  • Carlos Pasewalk
  • Oliviero Pisano
  • Kernina Plant
  • Ned Rich
  • Lisa D. Rodgers
  • Romero Santana
  • Nazim Roche
  • Gabriele Roth
  • Jennifer Santana
  • Kitoto Sesay
  • Emma Schreiber
  • Felix Schreiner
  • Lee Schuster
  • Rutendo Shakur
  • Davina She
  • Mies Simonsen
  • Sefu Smith
  • Wu Smith
  • Rutilda Vigil Solis
  • Riga Suun
  • Elizabeth Tan
  • Xi Ts'ao
  • Mark Tsui
  • Peter Tuhkasaari
  • Quinn Vaisanen
  • Vincent Wang
  • Rudo Wanly
  • Sofie Walsh
  • Robin Weiss
  • Ige Wolde
  • Shu Fang Wu
  • Abeni Xuereb
  • Hamza Yakubu
  • Drea Ziegler
  • Joan Zimmerman

At the bottom, it states:

Their bold initiative, intrepid fighting spirit and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of certain death reflected great credit upon themselves and were in keeping with the highest traditions of U.N.S.C. Naval service. They gallantly gave their lives in defense of the Human Race.

Center Plaque[]

It states from top to bottom:

ADM Cole, Preston
SN: 03956-26127-PC +
04/04/2484—04/18/2543 +
In 2525, then Vice Admiral Cole led a battle group to Harvest following the unprovoked attack by the Covenant on that peaceful agricultural colony. After a hard won battle, Cole and the battle group returned to Earth, only to learn that other colonies had been destroyed as well. After his promotion to Admiral, Cole led a campaign against the enemy for the next five years, culminating in a victory over a Covenant fleet in 2531.

VADM Stanforth, Michael
SN: 00834-19223-HS +
07/03/2486—08/30/2552 +
Vice Admiral Hieronymus Michael Stanforth was the head of Section THREE of the Office of Naval Intelligence from 2512-2530. Section THREE was at its busiest under his administration, many projects were leverage in order to boost support for the war effort (including Project SPARTAN, MJOLNIR and GUNGNIR). In August 2530 he resigned as head of Section THREE to take a more active role in the defense of UNSC space-leading the UNSC Navy in the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV and directing the Defense of Reach during its final days.

Doctor Catherine Halsey, MD, PhD
CI: 10141-026-SRB4695 +
03/19/2492—2552 +
Doctor Catherine Halsey is a computer scientist and medical doctor. She has published papers on cybernetics, genetic manipulation and artificial intelligence. Dr. Halsey served as scientific adviser to the UNSC's Office of Naval Intelligence from 2515 until 2522 when she was made Chief Scientist, a position she held until the time of her death in 2552. Dr. Halsey was on Reach at the time of its attack by the Covenant and though no body was recovered, she is presumed dead.

Right Plaque[]

At the top:

In Honor of those men and women of Naval Intelligence who gave their lives in service of the UNSC at Reach.

Then it lists the men and women's names:

  • Timea Ailleboust
  • Milla Akesson
  • Victoria Y. Allen
  • Hermenegildo Gil Arellano
  • Francesca C. Atkinson
  • Frederic Bangadang
  • Lazlo Banjup
  • Amelie Barney
  • Ewen Barton
  • Calvin Beagle
  • Borsala Berky
  • Ivano Brean
  • London Bridges
  • Lok Byrne
  • Joy D. Champagne
  • Liang Ceperli
  • Lowell Clausen
  • Jonah Casares Cortes
  • Tao Church
  • Shulinen Cunningham
  • Irwin Daoust
  • Hlengiwe Davis
  • Timothy De Govia
  • Maxwell D'mut
  • Fallon Downe
  • Gerlach Durr
  • Amie Durrett
  • Alicia Echi
  • Horace Ekwueme
  • Eric C. Fergus
  • Tsuyuho Flishinghurst
  • Christin Fraser
  • Mandy Frei
  • Tobias Fugere
  • Bruno Gaertner
  • William Gaulin
  • Ireneusz Grenoble
  • Name Griffiths
  • Lutz Grunewald
  • Rowley Goth
  • Alma Haslemere
  • Sarah Hawley
  • Atsushi Helland
  • Lorant Herczegh
  • Tau Hill
  • Mathilda Jorgensen
  • Tzigane Kantola
  • Sevkija Kavran
  • Ljubinica Klien
  • Aleckzander Klump
  • John Knut
  • Munashe Kowalczyk
  • Florka Kuefer
  • Melker Kung
  • Wojciech Kuroki
  • Wolfgang Kuster
  • Fulvio Lampen
  • Valentin Lang
  • Xavier Leamon
  • Sanna Lintz
  • Rafae Little
  • Jie Lo
  • Didi Lochgau
  • Wilson Lynch
  • Cobus Mai
  • Farrau Margand
  • Andrzej Mercier
  • Neci Merikanto
  • Korbl Morin
  • Louise Multala
  • Dennis Muscat
  • Amelie Naranjo
  • Dafina Pleas
  • Panna Sari
  • Alacoque Savard
  • Erol Schultheiss
  • Jenifer Selph
  • Mieke Skov
  • Manyara Suda
  • Callum Sun
  • Aranka Szarka
  • Albert Szots
  • Li Tang
  • Ni Tao
  • Daniel T'ao
  • Kerstin Thornhill
  • Alicia Thurgarton
  • Guy Tiny
  • Maria Todd
  • Li Tseng
  • Adam Virag
  • Szczeosny Walczak
  • Rio Waldschmidt
  • Gerwazy Walker
  • Danforth Whitcomb
  • Kgosi Woloszyn

And at the bottom it states:

Their indomitable courage, inspiring initiative, and selfless devotion to duty in the great credit upon themselves and the U.N.S.C. Naval Service. They gallantly gave their lives in the service of the U.N.S.C.


  • One of the names in the left plaque is Chen Agu, possibly a relative of the ODST Kojo Agu.
  • The monument also shows that ONI believed that Dr. Halsey was killed on Reach, when she actually is alive in the Micro Dyson Sphere inside the Shield World Onyx as of November, 2552. This is previous head of ONI Margeret Parangosky's doing, as she had a 'feeling' that Halsey was still alive but marked her as KIA for SPARTAN and UNSC morale reasons. 
  • The memorial incorrectly lists Preston Cole's date of birth as April 4, 2484, when he was in fact born November 3, 2470.[2]
  • On the left plaque, it says that they gave their lives for the human race, while on the right it says they gave their lives for the UNSC.