Oban was a human colony planet.[1]


At some point after the Human-Covenant war, Oban was discovered. The planet was to be home to millions of displaced people from the war. The Office of Naval Intelligence began to establish a presence on the surface of the planet. Operation: DAYBREAK was initiated by a small cluster of ONI outposts in the north part of Saviron. Until the planet would be ready for settlement, the UNSC Navy would use planet as staging grounds for campaigns in nearby star systems.[1]

At some point between February 2558 and October 2558, Operation: WHITE VAN took place on the planet.[2]


Main article: Battle of Oban

On July 16, 2558 Jul 'Mdama's Covenant attacked the planet. Despite lacking any strategic value to the Covenant, this was done in order to draw out the UNSC Infinity.[3]

Physical AspectsEdit

The continent of Saviron has mountainous highlands featuring little vegetation.[4]





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