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Obote is a district on the northern mainland section of Old Mombasa.[note 1]


During the early stages of the Battle of Mombasa, Sadie Endesha and Mike Branley traveled to Obote from Kwakiziwi in Commissioner Kinsler's stolen car. After having an argument, Mike leaves Sadie on the side of the road near the Old Town Market.[1] Refugees from New Mombasa were crossing into Obote at this point. A vendor from the Old Town Market, was giving them free kebabs.[2] Sadie then ran to a casino in bordering Koinage.[3]

Obote was likely eviscerated when the Solemn Penance jumped to slipspace over northern Old Mombasa,[4] or it was glassed during the Covenant's excavation of the crater.[5]


The Old Mombasa entrance of the northern Mombasa bridge, is either in view of or in Obote.[6]


  • Old Town Market


  • Similar to Lumumba, there actually is a street called "Obote Avenue." Albeit, it's on Mombasa Island proper. Likely the district is named after former Ugandan Prime Minister Milton Obote.


  1. During Circle 2, Arc 3 of Sadie's Story, it shows a map of the Northern Mainland with an area circled. Likely this is where Sadie and Mike are during their conversation and the region of Mombasa they're in during their time in Old Mombasa.


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