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The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) (pronounced as oʊni) was initially designed as the intelligence service branch of the UNSC Navy.[4]

Admiral Margaret Parangosky was the Commander-in-Chief of ONI until some point before 2555 at the latest, at which time her protege Serin Osman replaced her.[5]


Early History[]

The Office of Naval Intelligence was founded in 2178.[1][2]

One of the earliest known projects undertaken by ONI was in 2321. This project, dubbed ORION, was an attempt to increase the effectiveness of Colonial Military Administration soldiers. However, this initial run was eventually postponed.[6]


In 2491, the Carver Findings were released and ONI began to use it as their approach to the Insurrectionists.[7]

Human-Covenant War[]

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At the beginning of the war, some ONI analysts believed the Covenant may have visited Earth in the past. Part of this was due to the meter and a half tall Unggoy the Covenant employed. As such, the Covenant received the nickname "LGM" or "Little Green Men".[8]

Over the course of the war, ONI absorbed or eliminated most competing civilian and military espionage services.[9]

By 2552, its formal name was the UNSC Military Intelligence Division.[10]


Following the war, the Office of Naval Intelligence had become the primary intelligence service of the UEG with nearly uncontested power in this field.[9] ONI was also afforded a great deal of autonomy, due to its connections with the UNSC Security Council.[4]

As of 2555, Admiral Margaret Parangosky was replaced with Admiral Serin Osman as Commander-in-Chief.[5]

By 2558, ONI had a liaison with the HIGHCOM Security Committee.[11]

During The Reclamation, ONI teams sanitized data on Earth.[12] As well, CINCONI Serin Osman went into hiding, along with Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood.[13]


ONI has a multitude of roles, delineated to its various branches. Some of these include; military espionage, public morale and special projects.[2]

Many of its functions and subdivisions, like the Beta-5 Division and the SPARTAN-III Program, are enigmatic, and its personnel are regarded as mysteries by mainstream naval officers. ONI personnel, especially officers, are often referred to as "spooks."


The Office of Naval Intelligence often operates independently of other UNSC branches. At times, it contravenes the law and UNSC protocol to complete top-secret missions.

Agents appear to enjoy significant latitude in the discharge of their duties, often violating moral boundaries or acquiring vast amounts of UNSC resources to achieve their ends.


Intra-ONI dynamics are often strained with intense competition among its own personnel. Agents operate under heavy scrutiny with mistakes often lead to demotion or death.

Known ONI Branches[]


It appears to have an unusually large amount of military equipment for an intelligence service, and has a strong fleet presence.


ONI also manages field intelligence with units such as ONI Recon 111 liaising with mainstream UNSC military units.[14]

List of Units[]


ONI operated a number of starships. ONI maintains the UNSC's Prowler fleet, under the auspices of the UNSC Prowler Corps.[15]

List of Aerospace Assets[]



Each branch of ONI operates their own personnel.

Unknown Section[]


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The Office of Naval Intelligence operates a number of different facilities throughout human space on both Inner and Outer Colonies.

Some facilities were guarded by specialized security, however these forces were under the jurisdiction of Naval Special Warfare.[16]