Ogada Nosa Fasu was a Covenant Mgalekgolo and bond brother to Igido Nosa Hurru. During John-117's assault on the Silent Cartographer, Igido and Ogada were sent to protect the main facility after Zuka 'Zamamee's first attempt to kill John failed. He fired at John-117's Warthog with his Assault Cannon. He then hit the side of the LRV throwing all of its occupants free.[1] Fasu then killed Private First Class Hosky with his shield and boot and then used his assault cannon to blow a hole in an Unnamed Corporal.[1] He died after the second rocket John fired struck him, which severed his spine.[1]


  • His bond brother considered him an "artist" with his Assault Cannon.[1]
  • It is odd that in the book, it mentions that his spine is severed, despite the fact that Mgalekgolo have no spine. It is most likely a simple mistake made by the writer, as at the time of writing, people where still unsure as to what a Mgalekgolo actually was, though the author could have meant spines in the plural as bound Hunters have spines on their back.
  • Ogada Nosa Fasu and Igido Nosa Hurru were canonicially the two Mgalekgolo guarding the entrance to the Silent Cartographer in Halo: Combat Evolved.



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