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Olympia Vale (SN: 44482-91201-OV)[1] is a human post-war political liaison affiliated with the Office of Naval Intelligence.[3]


Olympia Vale was eleven years old when her parents divorced. Her mother, an officer in Navy signals intelligence, was promoted to captain and subsequently reassigned to UNSC High Command on Earth. The trip took Olympia and her mother six months instead of the regular six days, because their ship's slipspace drive broke down. During those six months Olympia taught herself to understand the Sangheili language.[1]

Upon graduating from Sydney University, Vale joined the Office of Naval Intelligence working in signals intelligence like her mother. She soon began to work as an ONI Special Liaison with the United Earth Government's negotiations with the Arbiter.[1]

Vale was present during the expedition to Installation 00 and was the second person to ever visit 000 Tragic Solitude and managed to survive Frank Kodiak's brother Bobby.

In 2558 Vale was assigned to the SPARTAN-IV Fireteam Osiris led by Jameson Locke. They were given orders by ONI to retrieve or neutralize the AWOL SPARTAN-II Blue Team.[4]


  • She is voiced by Laura Bailey in Halo 5: Guardians.
  • In Halo 5: Guardians, Vale is one of 8 playable characters in the campaign. Her unique attributes are a faster thruster pack recharge, slower stabilizer descent, and faster movement speed.
  • In the 2017 racing game Forza Motorsport 7, there is a set of unlockable Driver Gear named "Olympia Vale", which is based on Olympia Vale's armor. Players who set any lap time in the December Car Pack Challenge, December Bounty Hunter, Make a Run, or Cold Runner Rivals events before January 3, 2018 obtained the "Master Chief" and "Olympia Vale" Driver Gear suits as rewards.[5]