On a Pale Horse is a song included in the Halo: Original Soundtrack.


It plays during vehicle combat on the level Assault on the Control Room. It starts around the time the player acquires the Banshee. It is also heard when the player comes out to the first bridge near the beginning of the level and it is also heard after walking out to the snowy bridge near the end of the level. It also plays on the level Two Betrayals when the player comes out to the second of the two parallel bridges.


The song begins with driving staccato notes from the high strings joined by pizzicato from the low strings in what can be guessed is an alternating time signature between 6/4 and 4/4 time. At various times, sections of the high strings voice themes and variations on the Halo theme eventually developing a unique melody. At about a minute into the song, the strings start a sort of "call - answer" theme again divided by low and high strings, then reverts to the staccato theme this time voiced in the lower register while the higher register plays slow chords while they crescendo to the end of the song.

Other AppearancesEdit

This piece forms the base for the Halo 3: Original Soundtrack song Behold a Pale Horse which is played on The Ark.


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