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Fighting behind enemy lines, Spartan Alice must rescue UNSC prisoners to open up a second front in the war against the Banished.

One Three Zero is the fourth level in the Halo Wars 2 campaign.


During Red Team's escape from the Henry Lamb Research Outpost, Spartan Alice-130 hopped off of the Warthog manned by Jerome and Douglas in order to activate the light bridge so that the other two could cross and so that she could cover their exit. Fortunately she managed to escape The Banished attacking forces and later was able to track one of their convoys all the way back to one of their large encampments. After some reconnaissance, Alice discovered that the camp had four Banished shield domes, which were holding UNSC infantry prisoners.

Her primary mission was to get to a nearby research outpost in order to make contact with the Spirit of Fire but she was able build up a small infantry force on the way by freeing these prisoners and killing the banished troops in the encampment. Once she and the marines arrived at the research outpost, they make contact with Captain Cutter and must defend their position while they wait for the Pelicans to arrive and bring them back to the Spirit of Fire. Their defense is successful and they are evacuated by Pelicans after fighting a large banished ground force including Wraiths and Marauders.

Alice decides to stay behind on the Ark to establish a new HQ to protect a portal controller.


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Icon Name Description Value
HW2 AchievementArt GuerillaTactics Guerilla tactics Completed One Three Zero 10G


  • This entire level takes place on the multiplayer map Vault.
  • Alice 130 can sometimes disappear when her health bar appears on the screen. It will then mark that she was killed 4 times and will not reappear for the entire level unless restarted.