Operation: CHARLEMAGNE was the first tactical deployment conducted by the ORION Project.[2] It was also the only occasion where an entire unit of SPARTAN-Is were deployed as a group.[3]

Operation[edit | edit source]

The deployment materialized as a response to a series of politically-motivated assaults conducted by Secessionist Union insurgents on Eridanus II in 2494 against governmental officials and civilians, which concluded in a large number of deaths and kidnappings.

The group of ORION Project operatives (SPARTAN-Is) attacked the Secessionist Union in a swift and silent special operation that resulted in only one casualty on ORION's side, and several crippling losses on the rebels' side. The Spartans recovered a sub-orbital transit station over the planet without ever being observed.

The operation is believed to have positively marked ONI's propaganda machine, having sparked various conspiracy theories with regard to the operation's perpetrators within civilian and rebel circles.

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