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Operation: KALEIDOSCOPE was a series of assassinations in the early part of the 26th-century during the Insurrection. The targets were various rebel leaders. The operation was a change in strategy for the UNSC. [1]


Jerald Ander[]

On March 13, 2502, UNSC NAVSPECWAR, specifically Project: ORION, sent a young, but capable Corporal Avery Johnson to assassinate Jerald Mulkey Ander, a leader of the People's Occupation Government. The UNSC sent Johnson to Harvest, which, at the time, was a new colony, to assassinate him. This operation was also Johnson's final test for the Naval Special Warfare Sniper School.[2]

Johnson acquired a position a fair distance from his target and set up an M99 "Stanchion" rifle. Johnson was accompanied by another UNSC Marine, presumably his spotter for making calculations for wind and distance.[3]

When Ander's truck passed by, Johnson took the shot and successfully killed Ander.[3]

Other Targets[]

Several other targets were also assassinated over the course of the operation. They include Molin Saal, Standish Kable and Elanor Kef.[1]