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The Orion-class assault carrier is a capital warship classification in the UNSC Navy.

Class History[]

When originally introduced, the Orion-class assault carrier was considered state-of-the-art for its time, incorporating miniaturized and reconfigurable automated factories and chemical processors that would commonly be found in colony support vessels, allowing the carriers to produce fuel, spare parts, and even complete combat vehicles without outside assistance, albeit rarely. Due to this, each Orion-class assault carrier holds a number of cargo lighters and resource gatherers to support its troops and support ships in any harsh expeditionary environments. Of moderate tonnage by carrier standards, the Orion outmasses the Poseidon-class light carrier; however, it is outmassed by the Epoch-class heavy carrier.[2] The Orion-class assault carriers also carry complements of Marines and tanks.

Once the Human-Covenant War began in 2525, the carriers commonly served as flagships, serving in numerous battles throughout the Outer Colonies in desperate defensive actions against the Covenant. The Covenant War saw the destruction of most Orion-class assault carriers as many of these vessels sacrificed themselves in order to buy time for civilians and troops to be evacuated to the Inner Colonies. The remaining vessels of the Orion class formed the core of long-range battle groups that attempted to disrupt Covenant supply lines and staging areas with limited success.


The Orion-class assault carrier's primary armament is two heavy Magnetic Accelerator Cannons. In addition, the assault carrier is outfitted with numerous secondary missile batteries and point-defense guns to complement.

Design Details[]

Built for war against human colonies during the Insurrection, the Orion-class assault carriers were seen as ships that could directly aid the UNSC's sustained ground operations, as well as maintaining aerospace control over contested worlds. All throughout the insurrection, the sight of an Orion-class assault carrier leading a fleet of ships was a symbol of the UNSC's military strength.


Ships of the line[]

  • UNSC Orion