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“All squads report to the mess hall.”
— Orlin, Announcing the cadets to meal

Orlin was a UNSC AI designed to run Corbulo Academy of Military Science. She was in service during the Battle of Circinius IV.


Corbulo Academy of Military Science[]

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Hastati Squad leader on the field. Exercise paused.”
— Orlin during Orenski entrance to the simulation

Orlin was the Academy's AI for an unknown period of time before it was destroyed. During this time, she would announce events from the timetable such as meals using a campus wide speaker system. She also performed tasks such as telling the recruits when training exercises have finished and turning the lights on and off at the request of high ranking cadets in certain situations.

Battle of Cirinius IV[]

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“All cadets, report to the tether! A campus-wide evacuation has been ordered.”
— Orlin announcing the evacuation

At the beginning of the attack on Corbulo Academy of Military Science, she announced the campus-wide evacuation, on a loop. However, when Cadet Lasky awoke from unconsciousness shortly after, she had ceased, likely due to the lack of power. It is assumed that she was destroyed when the Covenant glassed Circinius IV.