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Orna 'Fulsamee was a Covenant Sangheili that held the rank of Shipmaster. He was in command of the destroyer Blameless Conceit from the Fleet of Particular Justice.[1]


As of the 9th Age of Reclamation (or 2552 UNSC time), 'Fulsamee was a Sangheili Zealot and a Ship Master of the Fleet of Particular Justice. Fulsamee's ship, Blameless Conceit, ferried the Prophet of Stewardship to Installation 04.[2] He wanted to destroy the UNSC Pillar of Autumn but the Prophet forbade it, saying that a stray Plasma bolt could hit the ring. Instead, 'Fulsamee was told to send boarding craft to attack the human ship.


'Fulsamee had a genuine hatred of Humans, especially towards their cavalier naming of Covenant vessels, species, etc. which he found disrespectful. To 'Fulsamee, names were very important and humans were not "worthy" enough to be naming things.[2]

It seems that 'Fulsamee also harbored a secret disdain for the Prophets, at one point commenting that his Prophet supervisor reminds him of the rodents he hunted in his childhood.[2] Furthermore, 'Fulsamee appeared to be subtly unhappy with the war against the Humans, as he felt that his race should "aspire to more" than overzealous fanatic warfare.[2]

'Fulsamee found his assistant, Minor Bako 'Ikaporamee, to be very annoying, as Bako acted as if he were higher than 'Fulsamee by using "we" (referring to the Prophet's decision) rather than "them."