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Oscar 6 was a UNSC D77H-TCI Pelican dropship. It was constructed in 2552, at the same time as Oscar 5, Oscar 8, and Oscar 9.

Operational History[]

Battle of Sector Six[]

Main article: Battle of Sector Six

During the Battle of Sector Six, it was deployed near Pawa, Pakistan on planet Earth where it hovered over an engagement between UNSC Marines and ODSTs when they fought an advancing group of Brutes. Oscar 6 and its male pilot guided ODSTs T. Rymann and S. Hartley through an area to locate an object, then dropped off a Warthog for them to use. Oscar 6 then guided them to the location of 3/1 Bravo after Hartley was injured by a Brute Spiker. Oscar 6 continued to keep watch over the Marines and ODSTs while they fought Brutes until they accomplished their mission, and told them to retreat, saying he would touch down soon and pick them up.[2]

Though Oscar 6 is not mentioned by name in the film, O6 is clearly visible on the Pelican's upper cockpit, nose, and sides. This conforms to the identification scheme of UNSC Pelicans.