Osiris Suite, Act 2 is the thirty-fourth track included in the Halo 5: Guardians Original Soundtrack.


The first section is occasionally heard during the opening cinematic of a Warzone game. The second section is played at the beginning of Glassed (level) when Fireteam Osiris arrives on Meridian. The third section be heard during the level Meridian Station. The  fourth section can be heard at end of Evacuation following Worldquake. It can also be heard during the level Unconfirmed when Osiris rides a lift down into the mines and during Enemy Lines when entering the Forerunner structure holding the Constructor. The fifth section can be heard in the final room of the level Osiris, when the Guardian disables the Space Elevator in Evacuation, and finally at the end of Enemy Lines when escorting the Constructor out of the Forerunner facility. The final section can be heard during the final cutscene of the level Unconfirmed when Fireteam Osiris escapes the Guardian chamber

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