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For the Covenant base facility, see Outpost (base).

Outpost is a Firefight map in Halo: Reach.[1]


The following are known locations on the map that are so named on the player's HUD during gameplay:

  • ONI Road
  • Deck
  • Base Front
  • Central Fire Zone
  • Wrecked Gun
  • Active Gun


  • The map includes a Type-38 "Tyrant" Anti-Aircraft Cannon, a different model than the Type-27 "Mantis" Anti-Aircraft Cannon first seen in Halo 3.
  • At the end of the map by Sword Base there are some rocks. It is possible to snipe from this location with ease, but beware for Phantoms that may kill you.
  • This map is based on the outside portion of the level The Package.
  • The hazards on this map are Ghosts. Outpost is also unique as it is the only outdoor Firefight area where no Drop Pods spawn in, as Glacier is deep underground and Corvette is inside a ship.
  • The main building in the middle of the two anti-aircraft guns is safe from Hunters, as they will not charge inside because they are too big to fit. They can, however, enter through the entrance of the anti-air guns, and will attempt to shoot you from the top of the guns if you stay on top of the main building.